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Hong Li

Hong Li is vice president of the Lean Enterprise China responsible for consulting services.  Before Hong joined the LEC, he was a senior manufacturing specialist within McKinsey & Company’s operations practice.  Since joining the Firm in January 2005, he has worked in China Europe and North America on projects with a focus on the development of production systems, capability building of the production management and sourcing.
Examples of his client work include:

A comprehensive lean transformation program for a utility company in a major city in China. This included production planning integration and preventive maintenance process optimization.  The effort will keep the company as the top performer within the industry in China.

A greenfield investment strategy study for a global machinery company. It was focus on the feasibility, marketing, financial and operational excellence opportunities in China.

A private equity acquisition project, which was focused on a global industrial vehicle company in Germany. The work stream included research of market position, growth potential, performance diagnostics and future strategy.

A comprehensive lean transformation program for the leading plant in USA of a global construction machinery company
as a part of its global lean transformation strategy. This included value streams operation system improvement, management infrastructure optimization and lean culture system establishment. Lean tools have been implemented such as kaizen, visual management and performance dialogue. Impact includes 30% of machinery fabrication cycle time was reduced.

A comprehensive lean transformation program for the Chinese operation of a global company. This included a production flow improvement initiative that focused on designing and implementing a pull production system for the entire production chain to improve client service (OTIF from 66% to 83% and lead time reduction from 14 to 4 days) and installing an efficient warehouse management system to control and manage inventory. The work involved re-designing a production system to support the production operations and training change leaders within the plant to ensure continuous improvement

Automotive and construction equipment components/sub-system/parts China sourcing program for global auto OEM companies aimed at reducing cost with good quality. The team achieved the 30% cost reduction target. The jobs included supplier manufacturing capability assessment on quality, delivery and cost, technical and commercial communication and negotiation and skill training for clients.

Several operational diagnostics and lean system pilot plans for manufacturing companies China. This included operational diagnostics for mechanical equipment, semiconductor, telecommunication, furniture and metal material companies.

Before joining McKinsey in Jan. 2005, Hong worked as a manufacturing professional in two distinct manufacturing industries in the United States

Ford Motor Company, Heritage program at Rouge Center / Dearborn Truck Plant
Jointly responsible for the design, planning and start of the new built assembly plant. Hong led a team of 36 personnel responsible for allocating lines, machines, tools, management systems, process standardized work and manpower balancing. Hong held the role of integrated engineering and production specialist supervisor for a major model launch at the new plant (Prototype build, Product designer interactions, quality system deployment, job allocation, training plan, layout, logistics, lean tools, etc.). In addition, he led a team to establish lean behaviors based on the Ford Production System (FPS) providing materials, role play, training and installation of Ford’s first time lean tools. The launch program was completed at the lean manufacturing industrial icon level in 2004.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky Inc,
At Toyota Hong was responsible for the Final assembly department production engineering at Logistics, Final & Door Lines. Hong was also responsible for the procurement of production equipment, process engineering, training, quality engineering and new model introduction. In addition Hong oversaw engineering for a major model change and few minor model changes at the final assembly (logistics, tooling, processing and quality). Leading the Production Control team across the plant, the role included implementing new internal logistics system on methods, people and equipment such as Minomi delivery and internal Kanban system.
Hong had also worked for a computer system engineering company for 3 years in China before went to the USA.
Mr. Hong Li has a Masters of Manufacturing Technology from the Eastern Kentucky University. He also graduated from Shanghai University.  He is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and is fluent in English

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